CP Fitters' Phase 2 Apprenticeship Training

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Phase 2 Apprenticeship Training in Ireland in the Trade of Construction Plant Fitting

Update Posted 11.15 am, Monday, 2/5/22:

Time and events have overtaken this website.
The internet has moved on, and most browsers will no longer display the site properly (if at all).
All the course content remains on this site, but it requires a large amount of work to bring it up to a modern standard that will display in modern browsers.
I don't have the time or the resources to carry out this work, and I doubt very much if I would ever be given the time to do it.
So, I'm left with no choice but to let the site pass away peacefully.
I will try to keep @cpfitters going, but it was getting little or no traffic anyway.
I doubt if the site will be viewable after June (MS Explorer retires then), so goodbye and good luck to all.
I'll leave the site online as long as I can, but the domain name http://cpfitters.info expires shortly.
Hope the site was of use to someone over the years. It's been on the go for about 17 years.

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