CP Fitters' Phase 2 Apprenticeship Training

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Phase 2 Apprenticeship Training in Ireland in the Trade of Construction Plant Fitting

  • Covid-19 Update


    Updated at 08.30hrs, Wednesday, 25/3/2020:

    All training is suspended until further direction from the government. The CP Fitters' Satellite Unit is closed.

    Under no circumstances should apprentices call to the CP Fitters' Satellite Unit. Staff are not available there, and you cannot gain entry to the satellite unit.

    Updated and focussed online support for apprentices is available at the links set out below.

    We all have a responsibility to follow the social isolation and distancing guidelines set out by the Department of Health.

    Stay at home. Engage with the online course material for the next two new modules.

    There is a large amount of existing material, and I am adding more every day.


    Apprentices are advised to visit this website often, and to engage with learning support material, progress tests and exercises that are posted on these pages. I will continue to add to this content over the coming days.

    There is support for apprentices. The CP Fitters' Website will be used to support all apprentices remotely.

    Online, we move on to the next two modules on the course, Hydraulics and Small Plant.

    We will use the workbooks for both topics as a guide to the sequence that we set about studying the syllabus for both modules.

    Course schedule snip showing week 11 gone and exams suspended

    Online Support Material for Hydraulics and Small Plant Modules, March 2020:

    Your next move is to go to the freshly developed course aea at the link below:

    Related Course Syllabus and Course Material:

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