Ampere (often abbreviated to amps) is a measure of the rate at which a given amount of electricity flows in a circuit. This term is commonly shortened to amps.

When one coulomb of electricity has passed a given point in a circuit in one second, one ampere of electricity is said to have passed.

This figure gives us no indication of what force is pushing the electrons (voltage), but it does tell us how much and at what rate the electricity is being pushed.

1 ampere is 1 coulomb per second.

Especially when we are dealing with electronic circuits, current consumption can be relatively small, and so, instead of talking in terms of amps, we talk in terms of milliamps, or thousandths of an amp (mA). For example, when we say '500 mA (milliamps), we are talking about half an amp, 0.5 A.

Visit here for more information on Andre-Marie Ampere, the man the unit of measurement is named after.

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