Also known as the FAS Baldoyle TSU (Training Services Unit).

The FAS Baldoyle Telephone Number: 01-8167400

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Originally, it was intended that Baldoyle become the new home of the Construction Plant Fitters' Course. The plan was that after the two Apprenticeship courses that ran from May to September 2011 finished, the CP Fitters' Section would move into specially prepared workshops in the Baldoyle Training Centre.

This plan was shelved indefinitely, and as of June 2012, it is most unlikely that the necessary building work will take place to allow CP Fitters to move in. We have had no official information as to our future. If we were to guess, it is most unlikely that when the next two CP courses finish in November 2012, CP will have to move out of our currently leased home. It is likely that the course will be moved to a new location in the country. If and when we get any more information, we will post it on this site.

Please note, if you ring CP Fitters, we cannot put you through to the FAS training centre. CP Fitters have their premises in a different part of the Baldoyle Industrial Estate, and we are on a separate telephone network.

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