Assorted construction plant machineryCP is short for construction plant. This term is a general description for plant machinery used in the construction industry. It covers everything from small, hand-portable electrical generators and water pumps, up to the very largest earth-moving machinery.

The CP Fitters' Section is where Phase 2 apprenticeship training is delivered. Up until December 2010, CP was based in the Cabra Training Centre. With the closure of the Cabra Training Centre, the section moved to a satellite unit in Baldoyle. This is a temporary move whilst a decision is made on the location of a new permanent home for the course.

Numbers taking the course over the years have varied from a high of 120 apprentices a year during the economic boom, to a low of 24 in 2009/2010. As of the second quarter of 2011, numbers once again began to rise. Our most recent course, which finished in May 2012, had 24 apprentices enrolled. Numbers are strong, and we have 24 apprentices registered for our next course, scheduled to run from July 9th to November 23rd, 2012. Although originally scheduled to run in the main Baldoyle Training Centre, the building work necessary to facilitate this has been postponed indefinitely. As a result, the next two courses in July will once again, run in the satellite unit.

Groups 1 and 2, who began their Phase 2 training in the Baldoyle Satellite Unit in May, 2011.

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