With the exception of the Induction Module, at the end of each of these modules, you will take one practical examination and one theory examination on each module.

In order to pass Phase 2 of your apprenticeship, you must pass all examinations before you can progress to phase 3 and the rest of your apprenticeship.

If you fail an examination or examinations (a fail is called a referral), you will have two further opportunities to re-take the examination(s). There is an appeal process where there is a possibility of a fourth attempt, but that is outside the scope of Phase 2 and your Phase 2 instructors. We have no knowledge or information of this process.

You must pass all examinations at Phase 2 level before you can carry on with the rest of your apprenticeship.

Examination Schedules:

Examination schedules are set out in your course calendar. In addition, you will be notified by email of upcoming examinations.

Examination schedules are strictly adhered to, and there are no facilities for latecomers. If you are late for an examination, under no circumstances should you attemptĀ enter the examination area. If you are absent or late, you will have an opportunity to take the examination two weeks after your Phase 2 training finishes. If you cannot avail of this opportunity, or if you fail the repeat examination, you must wait a further 6 months before you will be afforded another opportunity.

For theory examinations, arrive fully equipped with writing and basic drawing equipment, as well as a calculator. Remember, free-hand drawings are not acceptable in examinations.

For the practical examinations, you must have all the tools specified on the tool kit list you were supplied with during induction. It is entirely your own responsibility to have all these tools, as well as all your PPE (personal protective equipment such as overalls, safety boots, ear defenders, safety glasses/goggles etc.). If you do not have all your tools and PPE, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

You must be in the training centre, fully dressed and equipped, ready to go, at the times specified. We cannot facilitate latecomers in any way.

When you complete your exam, pack up and leave the training centre immediately.

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