In Phase 2 training, the hours are as follows:

Monday to Thursday: 08.30am to 3.45pm
Friday: 08.30am to 12.45pm

Whilst we recognise that from time-to-time, anyone can be late, persistent lates are not tolerated on this course.

If an apprentice is consistently late, this time-keeping will immediately attract a formal verbal warning (DR1). If the behaviour persists, this will be followed by a DR2 which involves a formal written warning, suspension from the course and a return to your employer.

All lates and absences are automatically recorded on your progress reports, which are sent to your employer three times during Phase 2.

Please note that latecomers cannot be facilitated in any way for practical or theory examinations. You should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before each examination. For the practical examinations, you should plan to be fully dressed (full PPE) and fully equipped (all your tools and equipment) at least 15 minutes before your appointed time. Do not attempt to enter any examination if you are late.

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