Credit, Pass, Referral, Absent, Incomplete, Withheld, Withdrew:

In the context of both practical and written examinations at phase 2 in the cp apprenticeship, there are 7 possible results for those examinations:

  1. Credit: Substantially exceeded the minimum requirements specified (13 or more out of 15 answers correct in theory examinations, all the essential points plus at least 2 desirable points correct in practical examinations).
  2. Pass: Minimum of pass in all elements of assessment. (10 - 12 out of 15 answers correct in theory examinations, and all essential points correct in practical examinations).
  3. Referral: Standard not achieved (fail).
  4. Deferral: Apprentice given approval to defer the assessment event to a later date.
  5. Absent: Unapproved absence from the examination.
  6. Withheld: Outstanding issues prevented a determination of results at the time of the assessment validation process.
  7. Withdrew: The apprentice has withdrawn from the course.

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