In order to pass phase 2 of your apprenticeship, you must pass 6 practical and 6 theory examinations.

If you cannot do this, you cannot proceed with your apprenticeship.

You will have 3 opportunities to pass each examination. If you fail an exam (a referral) during phase 2, we will do our best to facilitate you repeating the examination two weeks after the completion of phase 2.

For example, your phase 2 course finishes on a Friday. Normally, the following Monday and Tuesday week  are set aside for repeats. So, two weeks after your Phase 2 training finishes, you will have an opportunity to repeat any examinations you failed or missed.

Timings and dates vary from course to course, so you must watch the website for updates, and check your email regularly.

These first repeats are the only ones that your Phase 2 instructors are responsible for scheduling. All other repeats are scheduled by the Training Standards Office, and you should contact them for any further information.

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