The CP satellite unit in BaldoyleWhen the decision was made to close the Cabra Training Centre, the CP Fitters' Course, because of its size, presented a problem. None of the training centres around Dublin had sufficient space available to accomodate CP.

In order to get the course back up and running as quickly as possible, the decision was made to run two courses concurrently in a satellite unit in a Baldoyle industrial estate (view in Google Maps). 

It was decided that while the necessary extensive modifications were carried out in the FAS Training Centre in Baldoyle, the satellite unit would be used to run two courses concurrently from May to September, 2011. 

The satellite unit has been modified for CP with the addition of fume extraction for engine exhaust, hydraulic hose cutting, diesel injector testing and battery charging gasses. In addition, some extra electrical outlets and a local area network for our computers have been added. We have also added a wireless network to the workshops. You can check out some pictures of the move from Cabra to Baldoyle here.

The first two courses began on Monday, May 16th, and finished up on 30th September, 2011 (CP Fitters, May to September, 2011). Two further courses were run from January to May, 2012 (CP Fitters, January to May, 2012). As of August 2012, we are currently running another two courses in the satellite unit (CP Fitters, July to November, 2012). Once again, these courses are running concurrently. They began on July 9th and will finish up in 20 weeks later on November 23rd, 2012.

It now seems unlikely that the necessary building work to accomodate us in the Baldoyle Training Centre will be carried out. Areas of that centre that were to have been given to CP have now been allotted to other courses.

In addition, the breakup of FAS is imminent, so, for the moment, we have no further information on what will happen CP Fitters when these two courses finish. When we get this information, we will post it on these pages.

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