A Schottky diode is a diode with a relatively low forward voltage drop.

This property makes it very useful for rectification.

For this reason, Schottky diodes are also known as rectifier diodes and power diodes.

Take the examples of two diodes, 1N4001 and 1N5819. Both are rated for 1 amp. If we test both diodes for forward voltage drop, Vf, we will see that the 1N4001 has a forward voltage drop, Vf, of approximately 0.6V and the 1N5819 has a forward voltage drop, Vf, of 0.2V.

Assuming both diodes are passing 1 Ampere of electricity, with a system voltage of 14V, if we do the calculations we can see how much heat is generated by each diode when carrying their rated loads:


W = I x V

W = 1 x 0.6 = 0.6 watts, or 600 mW of heat generated.


W = I X V

W = 1 X 0.2 = 0.2 watts, or 200 mW of heat generated

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