Apprentice working on the time delay electronic circuitOn the syllabus for each of the 6 technical modules on your course, there are suggested practical exercises.

These are hands-on exercises related to course content. For example, in the electrical module, the learning unit on charging systems has a suggested exercise on voltage drop testing of charging circuits.

The purpose of the suggested exercises is to give you the time, the equipment and the facilities to develop new practical skills for yourself. You will be given ample time, all the necssary equipment will be there, as well as spare parts. Your instructor will be there to help and guide you as you take part in these exercises.

In general, your practical examinations are based on part or all of these suggested exercises.

You will have ample time during the course to go through all the various suggested exercises.

It is important to remember that you are no longer in school, with a master standing over you making sure you do the exercises. It is entirely up to you to involve yourself in these exercises.

Your instructor will be there to help you with any difficulties you may have with the exercise.

Some pictures from typical suggested exercises:

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