Temperature is a measure of the degree of hotness or coldness of a body.

In most countries, apart from the United States of America, the Celsius scale is used. The USA still uses the Farenheit scale.

On the more common Celsius or Centigrade scalce, water freezes at 00C, and boils at 1000C.

Because much plant machinery is manufactured in the USA, you will get a lot of technical data in the old Imperial units, so you must become familiar with the old Farenheit scale:

On the old Imperial Farenheit scale, water freezes at 320F, and boils at 2120F.

A third scale, used by scientists, is the Kelvin scale. On this scale, -2730C, or 0 Kelvin is considered to be absolute zero. On the Kelvin scale, water boils at 373 Kelvin, and freezes at 273 Kelvin.

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