During the induction phase of the course, you will be issued certain tools, Tools Issued on Repayment.

As of June 2014, the cost of these tools to you is approximately €300. This sum varies from time to time, as the prices of the tools fluctuate.

The cost of these tools is deducted from your wages over the durantion of the course, working out at €10 to €15 per week.

If you already have some or all of these tools, no issue and no deductions will be made.

You can see the most current prices of this and all the other items issued on repayment here...

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Please note, if you want to contact the main Training Centre in Baldoyle, you need to ring 01-8167400.

If you want to contact the CP Fitters' Section, you can Contact Us by email, admin@cpfitters.info, or by telephone: 00 353 1 8167543 This number gets you through to the CP Fitters' Section, Baldoyle Satellite Unit.

Our Address is : Construction Plant Fitters' Section, Unit 116, Grange Way, Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Baldoyle, Dublin D13 CA48.
We operate in a satellite unit which is about 300 metres away from the main training centre. You can see the location of this unit here, in Google Maps. You can also Check here for directions to the Baldoyle Training Centre.

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