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Glossary of terms you will come across during your Phase 2 training.


This is content over and above what is on the Phase 2 syllabus for CP Fitters.
It is sometimes posted on the site in order to help apprentices who may wish to find out a little more about certain topics or equipment that is covered during Phase 2.
Additional content will not appear in any Phase 2 examinations.
You need only view additional content if you want to broaden or deepen your knowledge about specific topics or pieces of equipment.

Example of Additional Content

During the Electrical Module, there is a learning unit called 'Lighting Circuits'. During this unit, you will build various wiring circuits. One such circuit is an indicator (turn signal) circuit.
This type of circuit originally used what was known as a 'hot-wire' flasher unit. Nowadays, these older type flasher units have been replaced by electronic version.
If you would like to learn more about these more modern units, there is a page of additional information with an overview, links to data sheets and a video of the operation of a typical electronic flasher unit:


This is the educational institution that currently has responsibility for the provision of Phase 2 apprenticeship training in the trade of construction plant fitting.


Apprenticeship training in Ireland is now standards based (SBA). In other words, it differs from the old time based system in that a defined and agreed standard must be reached by each trainee at the end of each phase of training before they can move on to the next phase.

There are 7 phases of training for CP Fitters. Phases 2, 4 and 6 are "off the job". Phase 2 is delivered in the DDLETB training centre, Baldoyle. Phases 4 and 6 are delivered in the Institute of Technology in Cork.

Phase 2 is of 20 weeks duration, and phases 4 and 6 are of 10 weeks duration each.

Phase 1, Phase 3, Phase 5 and Phase 7 are delivered "on the job" in the apprentices' place of employment.