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Glossary of terms you will come across during your Phase 2 training.

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Zama CarburettorFrom their website:

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A Zener diode behaves like an ordinary diode up to a certain point. In other words, it acts as a one way electrical valve that allows electricity to flow in one direction only. It does this up to a certain point. However, when voltage acting against the normal flow rises to a certain point, the Zener collapses and conducts freely in both directions. It will continue to do that until the voltage acting against the Zener drops below a given value. Once this happens, the Zener again behaves like an ordinary diode.

Zener diode symbol.

Because of this quality, the Zener is especially useful in voltage regulation circuits.

Non-ferrous metal with excellent resistance to corrosion. Often used to cover and protect mild steel-for example in corrugated roof sheets.