Transmissions, 10-12 September, 2018

Over the three days, the following items to be covered:

Progress Test

  • Suggest giving the group from 08.30am to 09.00am time for revision and to answer any questions they may have.
  • At 09.00am, run the supplied progress test.
  • After tea-break, review the paper, going through each question and dealing with any further questions that arise.

Ford Gearboxes:

Theory session in the classroom

Practical exercise:

  • Remove top cover, remove primary shaft, remove layshaft, remove mainshaft.
  • Identify the individual gears on each shaft.
  • Identify reverse idler, explain the meaning of the term idler, and how this gear produces reverse motion.
  • Calculate the gear ratios for the individual gears, 1st - 6th and reverse.
  • Give a specific input speed and torque. Using the calculated gear ratios, calculate the output speed and torque for each speed ratio.
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